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Knitscene Accessories 2012 is now out, which includes my first pattern for a physical magazine, the Mountain Nettle Shawl! Photos courtesy of Knitscene.

This is actually my second design, right on the heels of my Gnomey Earflap Hat for Webs which started my mini design career. I felt like a superstar (and like a little kid eating at the adult table) when I found out that my first professional submission had been accepted.

The shawl features bands of diagonal ribbing on a stockinette stitch background, which creates subtle texture only further enhanced by the gorgeous, lightly slubby nature of Fibre Company’s Acadia. The knitted on lace edging is mirrored, so you knit from one edge to the center point, put those stitches on hold, and then work from the other edge to the center point before finishing it off. Knit on size 6 needles, it goes surprisingly fast and has great drape. A sample I definitely didn’t want to give up, but I took pictures before sending it off so I’ll remember it fondly.


  1. So cool!before you know it you’ll be famous!

    Your little sister

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  3. I’ve just listened to your invetriew on Fiber Story TV and couldn’t wait to get to work to subscribe to Holla Knits. Your laugh is infectious. I almost wish I was in Chicago so I could take every one of your classes and sit in thecoffee shops and bars and knit with you. And I’m not even close to your age.And even though I am way older, I love the designs I’m seeing on your sites. Looking very forward to the release in April and after that. Thanks for a fantastic invetriew. I have a 30 minute drive to and from work, which is when I listen to podcasts. It felt as though I had two knitting friends in the car with me. It was totally a fun ride. Knit on.

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