An Army of Heliopaths


My Heliopath Vest pattern has over 1000 favorites on Ravelry–can I get a WOO-HOO?!

Seriously, through the moon on this one. Putting a design out there is simultaneously exciting and scary, because what if no one likes something you labored over? (And cried over, and swore over…depending on the design!) This one is especially dear to my heart because of the Harry Potter connection, so I am super duper beyond thrilled that knitters are in love with Luna just as much as I am.

Without much more ado, here is a small sampling of the gorgeous Heliopath FOs that have been popping up!

heliopath1Krista-lu chose variegated yarn for a bold statement! These colors scream fall and I think the buttons are that perfect touch of bookish British classic style.

heliopath5Plucky Knitter yarn + a dynamite gal = thearensolo in her contribution! Great fit, and crazy adorable buttons (click through to her project page for a close-up!)

heliopath4I LOVE how this floral print shirt looks with Nanaelliot’s flashy red Heliopath. I love button-ups but own zero, clearly I need to remedy this stat! (Side note: I never know whether to say ‘button-up’ or ‘button-down’ when referring to these shirts. Which is correct?!)

heliopath3OhTheBether even made her vest look stunning as it blocked! I’m a fall colors gal so I dig this rusty orange tone. Plus Swans Island yarn <3.

heliopath2And THAT? That my friends is Kirbalicious’ vest seen here as part of her Loony Lovegood Halloween costume! She even has an accurate Quibbler in her hand, what detail!

Round of applause to these ladies and all the other Heliopath knitters out there–I really appreciate your support and always look forward to seeing your photos. Hope that more of you join us soon! After all, I’m going to need an army by my side when we finally decide the time is ripe to expose the Rotfang Conspiracy…


  1. I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw a preview for the magazine- it is THE reason I bought it. Thanks for making such an awesome pattern!

  2. I am so glad to have found your blog! I’m absolutely loving working this pattern, which will be the same color as the sample in the photographs. My Harry Potter-addicted 14yo asked me to knit it for her.

    I do have a question I’m wondering if you might answer. I’m an experienced knitter (20 years) but I’m stumped by the instructions to “drop the stitch from the left needle and ravel it to the cast-on rather than binding off or decreasing it”.

    Would you be willing to explain it another way for me?


    • Hi Kendra,

      No problem! This comes into play when binding off or decreasing stitches for the armholes, armhole shaping and neckline/neckline shaping. You’ll probably first run into it when binding off sts at the underarm, but the stitch pattern falls different depending on the size. So say you’re binding off 5 sts for the underarm and the 2nd stitch is one designated in the chart as a drop stitch. You would BO the 1st stitch normally, then drop the 2nd st off the needle and let it unravel to the hem–instead of panicking and picking it back up as you usually would when dropping a stitch! That 2nd stitch DOES count towards the number of sts you need to bind off, so in this scenario you would BO as usual the next 3 sts for a total of 5 BO sts at the underarm. If this occurs when decreasing sts rather than binding off, drop the st when you come to it and do your best to make your decreases and the stitch pattern fit around it–just remember that the dropped stitch is missing from the stitch count so if you only need to decrease 1 st and it coincides with a dropped st, you won’t actually need to do the decrease there as the dropped st will have taken care of that for you.

      Does that make sense? If not, let me know which part is unclear and I can try and think of a different way to explain it to you.


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