Hi! I'm Emma, a twenty-something designer living in Western Massachusetts. Want to know more about me?

  • I've been knitting since 2007 and designing since 2011. Before that, I used to sew my own clothes without patterns so I was always thinking about fashion construction, form and lines!
  • I love to draw inspiration from nerdy or oblique sources. To date, I've been inspired by: Marie Antoinette, Harry Potter, geometry, medieval armor, Japanese mythology, and architecture. I get a personal thrill by 'geeking out' over unusual sources of inspiration, especially if I can make other knitters look at those sources differently as a result of my work.
  • I'm multi-craftual! I can sew, crochet and spin. (I have a serger but don't know how to use it yet. Someday soon!) I own a Lendrum DT wheel.
  • I live with my boyfriend Mark and my two cats, Kitsune and Tsuki. Thankfully all three of them tolerate my tendency to spread my work all over the house.


You can find my work published in/by:

  • Magazines (Knitscene, knit.purl, Holla Knits, Knitty & special issues from the Interweave family)
  • Yarn companies (Valley Yarns, Universal Yarns, Willow Yarns & Manos del Uruguay)
  • Books (Knitting Wizardry, Weekend Wraps)
  • Myself, in my own line of self-published PDFs & ebooks (Emma Welford Designs)

Want even more?! Check out my Featured Designer profile in the Winter 2014 issue of Knitscene or my profile in Issue 23 of Knitsy.


Happy knitting!