Older (but not necessarily wiser)

Life has been good lately. Here are the highlights of the past two weeks: Celebrated my birthday, my two best friends' birthdays AND my boyfriend's birthday! I have somehow unintentionally surrounded myself with fellow Aries for the past few years. In contrast to what popular culture espouses, I really like getting older. I also like the ease of adult birthdays. Since I don't find them requiring/encouraging as much to-do as when I was younger, it's pretty much like just waking up in a good mood. You get to feel a little special, people wish you happy birthday, that's that. We did have a party at my house but it was really just a no-pressure excuse to have my closest friends over.

I jumped on the bandwagon and read The Hunger Games trilogy. Someone had left the first book in the break room at work as a freebie, and since I knew I had no chance of getting it from a library anytime in the next year I took it home with me. Read it that night, promptly ordered the other books off Amazon and then read those back to back the night they arrived. I really liked it, though parts fell into that brain fluff category of reading (Twilight, I'm looking at you.)

I'm working on a little something-something for the next Valley Yarns catalog. It's in Northampton Bulky, one of my favorite Valley Yarns--so much so that I reviewed it in a video for the store. (Want a hint? Check out the two colors I hold up to the camera about 20 seconds in. I was showing an example of how well solid and heathered colors play together and fell in love with that combination!) Best thing about designing in a bulky yarn is that no matter how many times I have to rip that sucker out I still feel like I'm making progress!

The premiere issue of Holla Knits debuts April 16th! I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED.  This will be my first non-Valley pattern release and I can't wait to see the reception. Allyson's method of blogging sneak peeks is genius, and has made me excited to see the other designer's patterns. I did an interview with Johnny of Fiberstory TV last month that will be released as part of the blog tour, and maybe....a giveaway on here? Shhh, you  didn't hear it from me!

I leave you with this:






Kitteh in a bag. For your snorgleing convenience, of course.