Accio Awesome New Pattern!

I have been DYING for this to come out.

All photos thanks to Interweave!

You got it, I have a new pattern called the Heliopath Vest and it's included in the first ever Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine issue!

I am a Harry Potter FREAK. Like, get the books delivered the day they were released and read them twice in that same day kind of freak. (But a freak that loves sleep too much to go to bookstore at midnight.) The first book came out when I was 10 and the final one when I was 19, so I essentially grew up alongside Harry, Hermione, Ron and my favorite girl....LUNA!!! That's right, this vest is all about Loony Lovegood, my tribute to the witch who stole my heart.

I actually proposed Heliopath as a cardigan with stockinette sleeves, and envisioned one sleeve having a tiny pocket on the upper arm--perfect size for one's D.A. Galleon, dontcha know! But I love it as a vest too, and I am head over heels for the styling and model choice. Really brings Luna to life!

I am also extremely self-satisfied with the bio I wrote and wanted to include it here for funzies:

Emma Welford wishes she attended Hogwarts and could help Loony Lovegood uncover the Rotfang Conspiracy. When she's not perpectually re-reading Harry Potter, Emma designs dreamy knitwear and harasses her cats in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Yeah, Loony and I would totes get that job done. Along with uncovering Cornelius Fudge's army of Heliopaths and dressing them all in this sweet vest.