Rhinebeck Recap

Saturday was my first time ever at Rhinebeck! I went as part of the Webs bus trip and I'm glad I got to FINALLY see what everyone raves about each fall. Want to see what I scored?

A sweater's worth of Miss Bab's Yowza Whatta Skein in Coral

Gorgeous porcelain buttons from Melissa Jean

I gave myself a decent (but strict) budget since I'm trying to keep my stash under control. Especially with designing, I don't get as much time to knit for myself so I feel a little guilty whenever I bring more yarn home! I've been a fan of Miss Bab's yarn for a while and wanted to see it in person and decided it was worth a splurge. I am IN. LOVE. with those buttons, I think they look like little waffle cones! I also got a nice brick of Emmentaler cheese. All in all, I stayed under my budget including buying food there so I was a happy camper. I hit the artichoke stand as soon as we arrived since I had heard about it on Ravelry and that was the best thing I ate there! I got to meet several lovely Ravelry/twitter friends which was really cool. And I got to see this guy:

Giant bunneh!!!!

I used my time on the bus wisely and knit this hat out of Berroco Lodge:

I made up the pattern on the fly and I'm pleased with how it turned out! It has a cabled brim and some tucks in the back to encourage slouchy-ness. I've been a little preoccupied with Lodge after seeing Crosstrail and actually bought two balls of it during Stitches East from our own booth. I loved seeing the color changes in action and it knits up fast--even with ripping out my progress I still managed to finish the hat before we got back home. Erik tried it on and it looks good on him too, so it might wind up being a shared hat!