Recent Customer FOs

One of the more fun parts of being a designer is getting to see other people's versions of my designs. (What, you thought I was going to say the math part was the fun part?) When I worked the floor at Webs, I always enjoyed seeing people's planning stages of their next project--what yarn they picked out, what modifications they planned to make--and then viewing the end result if they came back to the store wearing their newly finished work. The internet is a wonderful thing though, because now I get to have that same experience with my customers without having to ever leave my house! Here are some fabulous and recently finished FOs I wanted to share.

Craftylikeasheep modified my Shock Star Slouch by working the brim in a solid coordinating color and adding some sparkly beads for the magpie in us all!

Not only do these socks coordinate spectacularly with the background, but Kerppa chose a great variegated green colorway for her version of The Dauphine's Stockings which creates a totally different effect than the colors in my sample.

A fellow designer who participated in this year's Gift-Along, anneh asked if I would be willing to gift her a copy of my Brooklyn Bridge Mitts so she could make them as one of her GAL KAL projects. To my surprise, she turned them into a pair of full mittens--a clever and easy modification!

Tantu's thick and wooly Ornate Greaves are the perfect extra layer for outdoor activities. Love that she photographed them with her bike to really set the scene.

A pattern like my Dark Rainbow Sweater is really exciting to see knit up by others, because I get a chance to live vicariously through other color combinations! In this case, I got to see how andyrox's chosen contrast color evolved in the triangle intarsia sections.

If you want me to see your FOs, make sure to post them to Ravelry or you can post them to Instagram and either use the hashtag #emmawelford or mention my username in the caption (@emmawelford.) I always look forward to seeing what you've created!