Brooklyn Bridge Mitts

Thaaaat's right: new pattern time! All photos in this post by the amazing Topham Photo. Introducing the Brooklyn Bridge Mitts!

Show off your Brooklyn pride and warm your hands with the Brooklyn Bridge Mitts, no matter what 'hood you call home! These mitts feature traveling cables that mimic the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge, set on a reverse stockinette stitch background that transitions to stockinette after the cables are completed. A thumb gusset provides a comfortable fit and you can opt for individual finger holes or a completely fingerless treatment. With two lengths and two sizes to choose from, plus cute buttoned cuffs, you'll be whipping up a perfect-for-you pair of mitts in no time!

The blue sample is Malabrigo Silky Merino and the pinkish grey variegated sample is Malabrigo Arroyo. I love how the pattern looks totally different but still works in the different bases. Single ply, plied, variegated, solid, semi-solid--it's all good! And you've probably figured out by now that I'm OBSESSED with cute buttons so gotta have any excuse to work those in. The ones on the blue sample actually have tiny pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge which is what kickstarted the whole idea!

I asked my BFF Kerry to help me model, which is how I wound up with awesome high school senior portrait-esque shots like this:

Nothing like a great pair of mitts to win your friends over and provide you with a barrel of laughs when sitting on a dock at 8am on a rainy day, amirite? These babies are MAGIC!

Head on over to Ravelry if you want to snag a copy. Big thanks to the lovely folks at Malabrigo, who sent me the yarn as part of their Malabrigo Quickies program.