I decided to try something different and fun this month--the December Photo a Day Challenge! I don't consider myself a photographer, though I did take it in high school and have fond memories of developing my own film. For this, I'm simply using my phone camera as an exercise in dedication (completing a task I said I will), memory (remembering to take a photo each day), and to see a month's worth of photos come together! I'm posting them to Twitter and Instagram tagged with #fmsphotoaday if you'd like to follow along, but I'll post them all here at the end of the month in a photo roundup post. I've been working on a little selfish knitting with some sparkly holiday-themed self-striping yarn by Gynx Yarns.

It's Glitz Sock in Party Dress. As soon as Laura posted it to Twitter I knew I HAD to have it. Immediately started singing "Silver & Gold" from Rudolph in my head! I'm doing toe-up stockinette socks with an afterthought heel, perfect veg-out knitting before the designing grind starts up again (hint: it will very soon!)

I also managed to snag 2 1/4yds of fabric on Friday that I've had my eye on for months.

It looks just like knitting (I think) and it's in such perfect bright colors. Original price was $12.99/yd, which is too pricey for my tastes for jersey fabric--no matter how cool the print! But time was on my side and my total for those 2 1/4yds was $12 and change, SCORE! I have just enough to squeak out a Furstenberg-esque classic wrap dress. I need more work appropriate dresses since a lot of mine are tight and/or short, so this will perfectly fill that niche. (What can I say, I have a weakness for clubby clothing.)

In a few weeks I can share some handmade holiday gifts I've been working on--and they're not all knitting or sewing related. Stay tuned! Looking to squeeze in some last-minute handmade gifts yourself? The Holla Knits Holiday KALs are going strong and if you're ambitious there's still time to jump in, especially for Black Swan.