Halloween Party Photo Post

Our Halloween party was Saturday night and it was a smashing success!

I was Fionna from the gender-swapped episode of Adventure Time. Super easy costume, just had to make the skirt and the hat (which has two ears, one is folded down in the photo.) I also helped make Erik's costume:

He was a dead version of Nibbler from Futurama, hence the limp eyestalk. I helped him make his headpiece and made the cape and shirt. I have to say, I was probably more excited than one should be about their boyfriend wearing a diaper. I was happy that he went all the way and got into character! Halloween is important, yo!

We had a bevy of jello shots, including ones that glowed under black light thanks to this awesome site.

The night also included: homemade cupcakes, mini tacos, a bonfire with s'mores, face painting and lots of music and dancing! It was the perfect mix of new friends and old, everyone mingled with ease and there were no cliques. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I'm glad we celebrated it with style! Now the weather just needs to behave so I can go to another party tomorrow night!