Handmade Holidays

So I'm a little late on this one--sorry! Things have been crazy over here, both in the designing and personal sense. Here's a quick round-up of the few handmade gifts I made this past holiday season.

A pair of Corseted Mitts for my little sister, in Dream in Color Classy.

A bunny nugget for my Secret Santa at work

The manicure prize pack from the HK Holiday KAL--crocheted the amigurumi nail polish and sewed the clutch bag behind it all

I also did some crafty work in the kitchen! I made coffee infused bourbon and lavender rosemary infused vodka for my parents. It was my first time playing with infusing alcohol, sooo easy! I followed 'recipes' for the first time since I was afraid of screwing it up, but next time I think I'll make up some combinations of my own. In the sweets department, I made peanut butter cups, apple cider caramels, and dark chocolate almond coffee sea salt bark. These went to my parents and I brought the extras into work where they were well-received.

All in all, pretty pleased with myself! I was happy to be able to give some great handmade gifts without stressing myself out.