On 5k's (yes, plural)

I was never the fit kid in school. I played basketball and soccer for a while but neither one really took off for me due to my lack of height (see: basketball) and my lack of stamina (see: soccer.) My memories of the former are colored with frustration of being unable to make any plays, and the latter with exhausting laps around the practice field.

But I'm an adult now and you know, things are a little bit different. So much so that this was me a little over a month ago: ruggedcollage

Mark and I participated in our first mud run/obstacle course race/exercise in insanity, a Rugged Maniac 5k! (He's now officially The Boyfriend. In case any snoops were wondering--hi Mama and Papa! :P)

Without a doubt it was the most physically challenging and rewarding experience I've done so far. Because I grew up as the bookworm and the crafty kid, I'd created an identity for myself that wasn't athletic, of a girl who was more likely to sit indoors making something rather than go out and test the limits of my body. My interest in fitness has slowly grown over the past 4 years, starting with haphazard dabblings and bringing me to where I am now: mainly someone who reads fitness blogs for fun. (Ha!) Am I an incredible athlete? Hardly. But I'm learning how to push myself, how to keep going when it hurts, when it's 6am and you're still tired but have a workout scheduled for yourself. I'm learning discipline in a different way than I did with my schoolwork or my designing, and I kind of like it.

My biggest weakness with the Rugged Maniac was the actual 5k part. I kind of-sort of worked on running in preparation for it but mostly stuck with weight-training workouts since that's what I gravitate towards and genuinely enjoy. I am not an endurance cardio person. So when it came time to do the actual race, I think I ran (ok, jogged) less than 50% of the course and wound up walking between the obstacles. But I'm still incredibly proud of myself for completing all the obstacles except three--like the one that included jumping over giant trenches in the earth? HELL TO THE NAW.

In keeping with my masochistic tendencies, I'm now training to run a 'real' (aka normal, obstacle-free) 5k next month. Do I enjoy training for this? Not really. I have a theory that anything you hate to do, you should try and make yourself do. Of course, I apply this at my discretion! Whatevs, I'm not perfect, as much as I'd like to be. I'll be running in the Hot Chocolate Run, which is a fundraising event that benefits a local domestic violence shelter/organization. That link is for my donation page--no pressure of course but if you feel so inclined, it would be much appreciated. It's an issue that hits me in the feels and I've donated $25 myself to help out those great people.

522531_10151357780996018_334703294_nWith my BFF Kerry at last year's Hot Chocolate Run, ready to walk (not run!)

I don't know if I will continue to run once the 5k is over. I've been waiting for it to set me ablaze, turn me into a runner or at least someone who can get enjoyment out of it the way a barbell gets me fired up. I mostly get enjoyment once the run is over! We'll see how it goes. I'm always on the lookout for new physical challenges so if not running, something else will pop up for me to conquer.

This post brought to you in my attempt to a) update my blog more often and b) talk about more than just knitting. Let me know if you liked it and what type of posts you'd like to read!