Friday Night Music Videos: Birthday Madness Edition

Friday night is extra-special this week because... I turn 26 on Sunday!!

So this is my birthday WEEKEND as far as I'm concerned. I fully intend to spend it knitting my little fingers off since that's what I do almost every weekend. Also I am getting a birthday biscuit breakfast which incidentally, is the same thing I had for my birthday breakfast last year, except that birthday was in Seattle! Do you sense a theme? I really love biscuits, man. You can't age out of that.

I'm also giving a gift to you! Saturday and Sunday (3/29-3/30) use the code 26BIRFDAY on Ravelry to get 26% off one of my eligible self-published patterns (aka Striated, Brooklyn Bridge Mitts or Elektrocute. Short list, sowwy.)

Tonight I'm jamming out to my latest earworm courtesy of Arctic Monkeys. This is exactly the type of band I would have listened to in high school, I was way into the 'garage rock revival' trend of the early 2000s that consisted mostly of bands with 'The' in their name. IE The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines, The White Stripes, and so on. Of course, in my advanced age I haven't bothered to keep up with new music and as such, this is the first Arctic Monkeys song I've actually heard. It's pretty awesome.

P.S. I finally made a Ravelry group that's ALL ABOUT MEEEE. Check it out!