That right there is 9 skeins of a gorgeous grey mystery yarn! We had a staff party in the warehouse after work on Friday and it was tons of fun. Leslie Ann, one of the retail store managers, came up with a scavenger hunt game for us--so picture 30 adults running around a yarn store like little kids! Kids drinking beer. There was also a raffle, where I acquired the above mystery yarn. Anyone have an idea what it could be? It's 6-ply, looks bulky to me and I think it has some alpaca or other fiber content in addition to merino since it's a little hairy, but super soft. The label on the bag is the most helpful clue, assuming someone who works in a yarn store that carries this yarn sees my post! I'm 99.9% sure it's not anything that Webs already carries so that knocks out a bunch of contenders.

I also bought some gorgeous yarn this week: the new Valley Yarns BFL Fingering Hand Dyed.

Gail has done it again! That woman has magic in her dyepot, I swear. ;) I have an idea in mind for that pair but nothing concrete yet--still in the swatching stage, and I'm trying to buckle down and focus on my KAL pullover. Of course, now the design ideas are flowing thick and fast! I even woke up in the middle of the night and thought of a few more touches to add to a concept I had a few months ago. I wrote myself a quick memo on my phone in case I forgot my additions when I woke up this morning!