Long Overdue

Some of the best things take forever. Over a year later...I finally finished my Sugar Maple! photo 2SO. GOOD! The pattern is by Carina Spencer and is genius in its simplicity. I obviously don't have much free time to knit other designer's patterns anymore so I really relish it when I do. It's a vacation, but I learn a ton at the same time studying how they write and format their patterns, seeing how different we brain things, etc. The yarn is a double gradient maki of Play at Life Fiber Arts Scrumpet in the Silky Cocoon colorway. First of all, having only two ends to weave in=amazing. Oh I'm sorry--I should have said first of all, DAT GRADIENT!

1I was unsure on how this style would look on me at first, since I prefer fitted clothing and this has a bit of a swingy A-line shape. Of course, no need to worry as it's flattering and wearable! My only changes were to work it at a slightly different gauge (laziness) and I knit regular 1x1 ribbing for the edges instead of twisted ribbing (not reading properly, then laziness.)

Summer of 2014 is officially on, popping and stylish!