Spinzilla 2015

My spinning adventures continue! (AKA 2015: The Year of the Wheel.) While I didn't go crazy as some participants in Spinzilla did, I'm happy with my results. I spun more than I thought I was going to be able to and I wound up with two gorgeous, completely usable hanks of yarn. The goal of Spinzilla might be to spin as many yards as possible, but I wasn't about to spin ugly yarn and waste fiber just to get some extra points.

On the left is Frabjous Fibers: one ply is their BFL (4 oz), the other is BFL Sparkle (4 oz), both in the Purple People Eater colorway. I spun the plain BFL pre-Spinzilla, the BFL Sparkle during Spinzilla, and plied them together after Spinzilla ended. So I only got credit for the sparkle single, but it was a great tactic to finish up a yarn in-progress! I have about 300 yards of this and am hoping to design something with it.

On the right is Blue Sky Alpacas 'Handspin' fiber, which is 4 oz of 50% Alpaca/50% Wool. This was soooo smooth to spin and I really enjoyed it! I spun and plied this during Spinzilla week, it's about 250 yards.

Soon I'm going to have to start knitting from my slowly-growing handspun stash--my yarn storage capacities are kind of maxed as it is, and now I'm adding to it every time I spin something! I'm actually a little nervous to knit with my handspun, which sounds stupid to admit. I'm worried I'll mess up the yarn or that I'll have done something wrong in the process and it will look terrible once I try to knit with it. Did anyone else have those fears when they first started spinning?