On the Topic of Stash

Remember my big 'stash stats' post, when I cleared out my stash and sorted it all? Of course I wasn't entirely motivated by the need to clean--I was doing research for my article in the Holla Knits Warm Weather Accessories issue!

rainbow stashRemember this?

I feel like my relationship with Holla Knits has truly come full circle. I contributed my Holla Back Tank to the first issue ever, Spring/Summer 2012, and here I am with an article in the first issue of the new Holla Knits now featuring articles! I love seeing what Allyson has built and I'm so happy to be involved, no matter what form it takes. In this case, it's my article titled Conquering Your Stash: Musings on Yarn, Organization and Letting Go. The article is exclusive to the magazine, so here's a short excerpt from it to wet your whistle.

Having a stash is a fantastic tool to have at your disposal as a knitter, especially if you don’t have a LYS within easy distance or prefer to buy most of your yarn online. Stash is great for last-minute gift knits, swatching stitch patterns before committing to knitting a whole sweater in a p5tog pattern, and for queuing up your next project without having to shop for more yarn. As time went on though, I found my stash had become a proverbial ball and chain. My stash yarn guilt-tripped me from its storage bins and my tastes evolved, making a portion of it no longer appealing or useable. In becoming a designer, I now viewed my stash in new light; thus, the Great Stash Clean-Out was born.

The piece is personally introspective but offers some of my advice on how to manage your stash (and in a way, the emotions tied to it!) I'm really happy with it because I feel like it perfectly encapsulates my writing voice to an extent that I don't think I've achieved with any of my previous articles. I love all my written children equally of course though!

Check out the issue to read my article, see the lovely accessory designs and take the fun Knitting Spirit Animal quiz. Here's to the new incarnation of Holla Knits!