Not a whole lot to share going on here at Chez Emma. I've sent off several garments into the world to await their publishing fate, but mum's the word so I have to wait to share them with you. Some smaller accessories are on my needles right now, those too remaining secret. In other, more general news:

  • If you follow me on Twitter you've noticed that I'm single and beginning to explore the world of online dating. It's interesting, to say the least! With the exception of being catfished once, I've had a pretty good success rate (of at least having non-boring first dates) and there are a few great guys I am now getting to know.
  • I painted my bathroom this Sunday, quelle excitement! Whoever previously painted it chose a disgusting booger yellow color, and painted the trim to match. We now have more appropriate cool blue walls with white trim.
  • Hungering for some stylish, fiber-y goodness to read? I have a piece on neon knits over at the Webs blog (also features my new haircut) and a Wallpaper Cowl styling post for Holla Knits. Ch-ch-check 'em out!