Friday Night Music Videos: Birthday Madness Edition

Friday night is extra-special this week because... I turn 26 on Sunday!!

So this is my birthday WEEKEND as far as I'm concerned. I fully intend to spend it knitting my little fingers off since that's what I do almost every weekend. Also I am getting a birthday biscuit breakfast which incidentally, is the same thing I had for my birthday breakfast last year, except that birthday was in Seattle! Do you sense a theme? I really love biscuits, man. You can't age out of that.

I'm also giving a gift to you! Saturday and Sunday (3/29-3/30) use the code 26BIRFDAY on Ravelry to get 26% off one of my eligible self-published patterns (aka Striated, Brooklyn Bridge Mitts or Elektrocute. Short list, sowwy.)

Tonight I'm jamming out to my latest earworm courtesy of Arctic Monkeys. This is exactly the type of band I would have listened to in high school, I was way into the 'garage rock revival' trend of the early 2000s that consisted mostly of bands with 'The' in their name. IE The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines, The White Stripes, and so on. Of course, in my advanced age I haven't bothered to keep up with new music and as such, this is the first Arctic Monkeys song I've actually heard. It's pretty awesome.

P.S. I finally made a Ravelry group that's ALL ABOUT MEEEE. Check it out!

Friday Night Music Videos - Mac Lethal Edition

I treated myself yesterday to a few new albums and one of them was Mac Lethal's 11:11. I first heard his songs on my Atmosphere Pandora station, and finally bit the bullet and got the album since he's just that good. It's no secret that I like hip hop/rap, especially of the alternative and white guy varieties. (See: Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Sage Francis, Aesop Rock, Classified...) So feel free to skip this edition if that's not your cup of tea since this is a double dose of Mac. No actual video for either of these...he's clearly too cool for that.

Friday Night Music Videos - 1/24 Edition

Tonight I am living the exciting life, as I am so wont to do, and cleaning. Because I have company tomorrow and I don't want them to think I'm a dirty hamster (heeeey-OH, oblique Jersey Shore reference!) I'm good with the putting things away type of cleaning, and not so good with the vacuuming and actually scrubbing stuff type of cleaning. I also have a (small) Martha Stewart complex and want to impress people with my clean house, unless they're my dear friends and then I just don't care anymore. You know I really love you if my house is messy when you come over. Pumping myself up with some high energy garage-y alt rock!


Friday Night Music Videos

Since I get to listen to music I already have at work (RIP deceased ipod), I like to listen to Pandora or videos on YouTube when I'm doing work at home. (Notice I said listen to videos...I don't actually pay attention to the videos themselves after the first time through.) Netflix is for knitting; YouTube is for pattern writing and other computer-driven activities. Makes no sense to try and watch two screens at once, yaknowwhatI'msaying?  So this is where I embarrass myself by revealing what I'm currently digging on! I'm thinking I'll make this a regular feature, if I can remember to. Tonight is all about female rappers because I love me some good rap, and I love women breaking into male-dominated areas of music.

(You probably shouldn't blast these at work though. Or if you can, you have a really chill workplace.)