2016 Retrospective

I'm back from my self-imposed 'winter vacation' (reduced social media presence and less design knitting), which was great! I really enjoyed the extra time to relax, work on some personal projects, and play Rise of the Tomb Raider. I know, I'm behind in my video game releases. I don't even try to play things right when they come out, I just get to them when I get to them! Like Fallout 4, which I still haven't finished... Any gamers in the audience, by the way? Comment and tell me your faves!

Ok, back to knitting which is what most of you are here for! At the beginning of 2016, I was working part-time in order to devote more time to my design business in hopes of growing it. Then I was offered a promotion to a full-time position and I decided to take it, which threw quite the wrench in my business plans for the year. Ultimately, I'm really satisfied to be back in the workforce and I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish this year as a nights-and-weekends-only designer.

  • I released 11 self-published designs and saw 11 designs released from third parties for a grand total of 22 new designs!

Self published designs:

Third party designs: 

  • I ran another successful Instagram KAL in conjunction with Spun Right Round in the fall.
  • I started my weekly newsletter.
  • I grew my Instagram following to 1k.
  • I hired Knit Fitch to design my beautiful new logo & brand package.
  • And I came up with some great creative content this year, like EmSweWeMo and hosting my first ever sweater auction for charity.

I have a bad habit of never feeling like I am doing enough, but looking back at 2016: I did enough. I did MORE than enough.

What are you hoping to see from me in 2017? I have some ideas up my sleeve, but I'm also open to suggestion! 

Over the Dark Rainbow

Notice anything different around here? I decided it was time for a digital makeover! Poke around and let me know what you think of this snazzy new site design.

The Fall issue of knit.purl magazine is now appearing in the wilds and with it, my Dark Rainbow Sweater!

Photos courtesy of Interweave

Photos courtesy of Interweave

This was my first time working with knit.purl (though I've worked with editor Lisa Shroyer before) and I'm glad to finally check that one off my 'knitting bucket list.' Stylistically, I think it's SUCH a cool publication and I always love their presentation. I'm really digging the dark rocker chic vibe of these photos!

Dark Rainbow Sweater is super simple to knit but packs a ton of visual impact thanks to the Schoppel-Wolle Reggae Ombre. I had never seen this yarn before which is kind of a big deal. Webs doesn't carry everything of course, that's impossible, but we carry a lot more than a small LYS can so I'm familiar with a wide range of yarns. The Reggae is a very cool slightly-felted single, though I feel like that description doesn't give it justice. Maybe it's the type of wool used, but it feels very different from other felty singles I've seen before (all merino ones.) Whatever the reason, it sports a very cool texture that adds extra dimension plus there are lots of color combos to choose from--more on that in a different post!

It's knit flat in almost-identical pieces and seamed with minimal body shaping. I dig the long garter stitch cuffs on the sleeves but my favorite part is....DAT COLLAR. It's worked similarly to a turned hem and creates a wonderful mini-funnel neck, stand-up-on-its-own collar.

I can't wait to get this one back in the mail. It will fit seamlessly into my fall wardrobe! Black bodycon dress and goth boots, anyone?