Now for something completely different

I felt inspired Wednesday night and whipped together this skirt. It's just a t-shirt with jersey fabric from my stash for the side panels and waistband. I first started sewing in high school after finding the t-shirt surgery group on livejournal, and I still prefer to work with stretch and knit fabrics.  I don't use patterns 99.9% of the time, though I do sometimes draft my own from existing garments, and stretchy fabrics are (obviously) a lot more forgiving when it comes to fit! Plus it means less zippers I have to sew!

Apologies for the butt shot, but that right there was my whole motivation for recycling this tee into something I will actually wear! Yes, it says 'bio-diesel' on my rear. Why not?

I made it knee-length which I think makes up for the back view and keeps it cheeky (oh, the puns!) rather than sleazy. Perfect for rocking with some wedges for a vintage vibe!